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Hateful Content

Table of contents

Posts made to cyhoeddwn that contain hateful content are not allowed.

It is ultimately at the discretion of the community to decide what action should be taken against content or an author that posts hateful content onto the system. As a general rule of thumb, content containing any of the following is not allowed, but the community may decide to include other topics which they feel are likely to be offensive.

Content that is not allowed (based on the Equality Act 2010) includes:

  • bullying
  • sexual harassment
  • racial harassment (racism)
  • harassment on grounds of sexual orientation (homophobia, biphobia, etc.)
  • harassment on grounds of religion
  • political harassment, or harassment on the grounds of trade union membership
  • harassment on the grounds of disability
  • harassment on the grounds of age (ageism)
  • harassment on the grounds of gender reassignment (transphobia)

Content that promotes, incites, or justifies exclusion, discrimination or violence against any of these groups is not just morally reprehensible, but will result in disciplinary action being taken against your cyhoeddwn account.